Our Fleet

The Best Fleet in the Country

In Shuttle Osa, when we decided to start offering this service, we should think about the convenience of our customers when travel that is why we decided to use Hyundai Starex cars, all of them completely new.

The maximum capacity of these mini vans is 15 passengers, but for us the important thing is that you travel comfortably quiet and that’s why we only accept a maximum of 7 passengers per trip. But we have the ability to handle the amount of people our customer’s request.

All our units have insurance bill requesting the Instituto Nacional de Seguros and permits that the Costa Rican Government through the Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes requested so we can travel calm and hassle-free.

In addition they are regularly conducted technical reviews, and have a mini-kit for any need that our customers have.

Contact us at:

  • (506) 8883-1164

  • (506) 2250-6485